Our Mission

The Sigmadex Foundation is dedicated to contributing growth and innovation within the crypto ecosystem. The organization is working towards a complete decentralized future replacing counter-party risk with intelligent algorithms to detach emotion and greed from the handling of money. The protocol is entirely built and governed by the community of its native token holders, which is fairly distributed. Native tokens carry the benefit of being used to propose and vote on important changes to the protocol.

"Bringing financial stability and a transparent future to the worlds progression into digital assets."

Our Founding Principles

Incentivize Appropriately

Community is the foundation of any successful crypto organization. Contributors should and will be rewarded with any positive profits gained from their participation.

Allow Everybody to Win

Create mechanics to empower all users. Promotion of fairness and equality to balance the protocol. Status and wealth are insignificant metrics for success.

Solve Real Problems

Integrating logical and pragmatic approaches to solve problems. Implementation of multiple deliberate techniques that enable the DAO to become more powerful.